Bitcoin, Ethereum and ripple wallet in doshalexchange

Invite your friend, gain the wage per transaction

Create wallet and store your cryptocurrency

Shop your supported cryptocurrencies in safety

Trade your supported cryptocurrencies in safety
Bitcoin, Ethereum and ripple wallet in doshalexchange
doshalexchange doshalexchange doshalexchange

Doshal Market

On the Doshalexchange you will be able to buy existing stocks, exchange your currencies, participate in the market, trade with your currencies with others, define the definition of the price, and define the purchase and sale, so that Contrary to the rest of the marketers' websites that regulate the price of buying and selling at a particular price, you can define the range and automatically buy or sell, depending on the amount of supply and demand within the specified range.



Trade your supported cryptocurrencies in safety



Shop your supported cryptocurrencies in safety



Create wallet and store your cryptocurrency



Invite your friend, gain the wage per transaction



Creating Wallet settings RestFull
account_balance Get Balance code Json Result
Sending Crypto Currency sentiment_very_satisfied Free For Now
report Report verified_user Authenticated

Usefull for freelancers - transfer money with out taxes - Holding Crypto Currencies , ...

E-Payment GateWay

monetization_on Bitcoin sentiment_very_satisfied Free For Now
monetization_on Ethereum check_circle No Tax
monetization_on Ripple check_circle No Limitation

Usefull for E-Shop Web sites , ...

BTC   Bitcoin


Existence: 0

BCH   Bitcoin Cash


Existence: 0

ETH   Ethereum


Existence: 0



Existence: 0

Coin Code Coin Name Price Changes In Percent Changes Chart
XEM XEM NEM 0.05621339 $ 1.32000 XEM
ONT ONT Ontology 0.80153137 $ 2.22000 ONT
cro cro Chain 0.04621813 $ 3.11000 cro
USDC USDC USD Coin 1.00285368 $ 0.16000 USDC
ZEC ZEC Zcash 53.22124141 $ 1.70000 ZEC
vsys vsys V Systems 0.19607347 $ -1.82000 vsys
DOGE DOGE Dogecoin 0.00276804 $ 0.53000 DOGE
DCR DCR Decred 26.54929382 $ 2.40000 DCR
VET VET VeChain 0.00457001 $ -0.60000 VET
QTUM QTUM Qtum 2.62611190 $ -2.88000 QTUM
HT HT Huobi Token 4.99381087 $ 2.45000 HT
BTG BTG Bitcoin Gold 13.76001775 $ -1.21000 BTG
hedg hedg HedgeTrade 0.81475101 $ -0.02000 hedg
BAT BAT Basic Attenti... 0.18334448 $ -1.94000 BAT
TUSD TUSD TrueUSD 1.00290788 $ 0.12000 TUSD
PAX PAX Paxos Standar... 1.00501857 $ 0.23000 PAX
OMG OMG OmiseGO 1.23534389 $ -0.61000 OMG
algo algo Algorand 0.65411327 $ -2.14000 algo
LSK LSK Lisk 1.24360234 $ -4.30000 LSK
BCD BCD Bitcoin Diamond 0.78941340 $ 8.86000 BCD

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