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  Stock to Flow Comparison Fractal Study...

Alex Kruger posted a twitter post that Bitcoin is failing as a sound money narrative as people maybe don't care.
I disagree, I think Gold as a sound money narrative is somewhat flawed.
With a Jewelry store on every corner and not knowing how much Gold central banks and Governments have
WE THE PEOPLE are in the dark as to the real STOCK of gold . Not to mention is being held by a few central entities where's the liquidity if everyone wants out at the same time?
In my lifetime there was only once that Gold was a profitable buy. Especially Physical Gold has costed more transactionally to get in and out of than it was worth to deal with and when is the last time you could purchase anything with a Gold bar? Not in my lifetime.

That's what Makes Bitcoin the most valuable ledger on the planet. We the people can run a node! Validate the transactions! Have true 100% Transparency of monetary policy! Have control of our own wealth in a borderless, unconfiscatable, censorship resistant way. The value of Truth is the value of Bitcoin! We haven't had an Audit and will never have an audit of fiat or Gold . Not to mention you can fake Gold , Plate Gold , Mix Gold , you can't fake Bitcoin!

Taking the last 2 halvings and using the stock to flow chart and basing off past fractals while reducing % increase the best guess would be a 250k BTC around late 2021... With the usual 85% correction in the market bringing Bitcoin back down to earth for refuel somewhere in the 37k range over the next couple of years proceeding. Then 5th Halving Stock to flow exceeds that of gold and you have a 1 Million BTC around 2025-27...

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