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  A very interesting pattern is developping in the Bitcoin Market

Judge by yourself;


-A significant drop before the market creates this pattern
-happens some time after a daily chart Smma death cross formed
-happens after Btc lost at least 80% of its value in Usd
-happens when Btc is under its daily 50 Smma
-forms an inverted U with an ascending trendling having almost the exact same "angle"

During the failed bottoming attempt of 2014 (Sept-Nov 2014), a sort of similar inverted-U+ trendline pattern appeared, but the "angle" was more accute.

This pattern comparison might look like a bit too "Charlatanesque" but i found it interesting, so i am sharing it with you.
Gonna call this the "Omega fulcrum Bottom" pattern if it suceeds lol.

Stay safe

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