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We finished our X (downtrend) wave with the tiny triangle. (which completed Y wave of Z) It appears X wave was actually a WXYXZ as opposed to a WXY (as I charted a month ago already expecting the big move up)
Interesting fact- X waves cannot be combination corrections in a flat structure- which confirms that we are in a zig zag- and LOOKS incredibly promising to reach these upper targets I have been banging on about for quite some time.
Although we shouldn't break 0.295 (on Bitfinex) theres always the possibility to get a tiny little flat correction (or in simple terms- break the low ever so slightly-though unlikely) so if in this trade or looking to buy, have your stop about 1-2% away from the wick after the triangle. But it looks really good to me.
Potentially this could be quite fast and we could be done by mid May, and given that this is likely going to be quite volatile I do expect it to be done by around that time.

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