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  Ripple Daily Dose 3/26/19 | Short-term support holds!

Ripple has bounced off of $.30 for about 5% and while the move is strong, we have not broken a downward trend. If Ripple continues its move up I am expecting a retracement at $.33215. If XRP closes above that then I will be more confident that there is plenty of room to grow. Previously, the macro triangle I had drawn did not consider the massive 4HR wick that happened on March 14th, but it is now apparent that I made a mistake and should have because the price bounced off at that trend line . If we do continue at this range, it should not be for much longer as it will reach its apex by April 13th. I am currently flat now and will remain that way but the bounce we had today was very promising for short to mid term.

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