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  XRP Bullish Breakout Pattern ! 0.30$ to never return.

The Father of all cryptocurrencies, soon to conquer.

One of my favourite Cryptocurrency's that i have been invested in since late 2016 along with the partitial buy ins and partitial takeprofits.

Provided in this chart is Basic Resistance turned Support and a Ranging market at BUY-IN Zone.

From 0.30 and up we have the untouched zone for XRP to conquer.

Further Critical Levels & Analysis will only be revealed to students only, so take profit at your own initiative.

This is just to show you a top of the iceberg that you will be more then likely to grasp wenn looking at these charts, kept it clean and simple for you all to understand.

Note; This is no in depth day trading analysis !

*only added the lines needed for the general picture.

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