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  RIPPLE IN BIG DANGER! Good short opportunity!

Hi friends!
For a long time I've been following Ripple. The situation is as follows: we came close to the trend line and support, from which we had repulsed three times before.
Now we are expecting a further fall of Bitcoin , so Ripple can be an excellent opportunity for shorts.
If we break down the support, then this is another proof that the whole market will go to look for a new bottom, otherwise Ripple would not be allowed to fall.
The target for shorts is $ 0.15, with the strongest support in this zone.

I have already opened a short at $ 0.309, a stop-loss $ 0.325

Now we have three shorts BTC $ 4,200, LTC $ 63, XRP $ 0.309
And both are already in good profit! Subscribe to me, leave comments and like!

Good luck!
Comment: +3% profit! We move our stop-loss at $0.309. Support is brokedown.
Three shorts and three already in profits! It's great!
Comment: I gave three deals in short and all three are already in profit, and get only few likes! I really hope that all subscribers are happy to have subscribed to me, I will keep you informed!

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