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  bitcoin cash long term analysis

Hi Tview friends here is the chart analysis for Bitcoin cash .

BCH stays within the $120-$140 range boundary.
StochRSI is moving close to the center.

If the BCH/USD pair goes beyond the range, then a new trend will be created and the price could rally all the way up to $156 to $160.

If the price breaks the $140 range, the uptrend can extend to $170.

For that reason, traders can uphold the stops on the long positions at $114. If the bears go under the pair below $120, it can decline to $104.

Here are some resistance and support lines for the short term:
Resistance 3: $132.4006
Resistance 2: $130.4683
Resistance 1: $128.9942
Support 1: $125.5877
Support 2: $123.6554
Support 3: $122.1813

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