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  EOSUSD: Buy on dips...or buy into strength from higher levels

$EOSUSD has an interesting chart here, it seems to be one of the highest potential coins together with $ETH and $BTC naturally, as far as technical patterns go. As far as fundamentals go I'll let others more knowledgeable on the tech behind it comment here if they like, I have heard good things coming from people I respect who are involved in this field.
I'm not in any position here, but would watch carefully for an entry, if buying with cash. I wouldn't sell any $ETH or $BTC for it, personally.


Ivan Labrie.
Trade active: ' Ivan: Let's buy a 9% spot position in #EOSUSD here, add with cash from FX accounts, we have some profits from oil and gold which we can put to good use here '

From my signals service feed...
Trade closed manually: I think we may drop once more, one last time, sentiment got too positive here, reminds of the time we botomed at 6k, and then traded sideways extensively. I'm gonna sit it out in cash. Watching weekly developments. No rush to buy back and hodl, for now.
Comment: After some grinding, prices recover, we bought back into #ETH and #BTC recently, before yesterday's upswing, but haven't bought into #EOS. The weekly trend is failing to meet the first target, not a good sign, but could still grind higher with the broad market trend.

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