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  ETHUSD "long term projection"

This month we have a lot of bearish analysis at Ethereum . and it look like we spread fud at ETH.
That's why in this analysis, we try to explain the big picture of Ethereum with step by step multiple chart to avoid miss conception
We can see at 1st chart above, Ethereum perform big rising wedge (unparalleled channel up) this is bearish continuation pattern.
Rising wedge will perform zigzag pattern with L-H-HL-HH-HL-HH>>>>break down
mostly this pattern break down as bearish continuation.

If we calculate with cyclic time (depend on chart uniformity), Ethereum finish every cycle in 48 days.

In this month, we keep post bearish analysis because from this analysis, we know that ethereum must touch rising wedge support before 48 days.
but we cannnot point from high to low as target, coz there is a lot of wave will perform to reach the target, and also we have a lot of false breakuot as bullish trap.

If this pattern still valid, bearish will reach 125 support and will perform nice pump with target at 170.

At previous analysis, we detect this false break and take short position at resistance zone .
If this analysis correct, prepare for buy at 124.39 with target at 170.

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