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  March Report, we are still bullish. Ascending Triangle @ fractal

Okie gents , Looks i was correct about last month, and this confirms we are now in an ascending Triangle , and in a bloody channel, which can mean 2 things, Either this is a bear Flag , and we just about to have 1-2 wave into more Bear market, or this slow and volatile range bound trading that will eventually will want to test main descending resistance.

Carefully, study the chart, ask questions if u are not sure about something.

Good luck everyone ;)

BLUE = Bear/Resistance
Yellow = Bull/ Support

~Explore the chart for possible scenarios of price actions - use zoom and scroll for better view.~
/*This information is not a recommendation to buy or sell. It is to be used for educational purposes only.*/

If you want your coin to be analyzed, JUST ask.
If you got a question, ASK away!
And please keep those Stop losses in place!

Fractal dates are moments of interest, where price and time collide to create oscillation - vertical lines!

Thank you,

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