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  BTC.USD P-Modeling Pt. 70 The Flying V of Death + June Bullrun?

Are you ready for the Final Act before a potential June hype cycle run?

Will you be visiting the valley of the capitulated or will you be apart of the valley of the capitulated? These are important questions.

Experimental charting on BTC to explain the Final Act.

The Flying V of Death is a very unique mechanism that has taken a long time to condition within the ecosystem.

But condition they did.

Last April, we had a BTC short Squeeze which resulted in a 1250 upward blast candle. Little did the market know.. That BTC short squeeze was not an isolated incident but a planned attack. This attack is about to be replicated but in a different form.

Currently, Ethereum Longs are at an ATH . Suspiciously, ETH longs have geometrically mirrored April BTC shorts. See here.

This is not a coincidence. This is a trap. A carefully planned trap.

I would guesstimate a good 85% of the market is waiting for their glory in a magnificent bull-run. Right now. I would not want to be them.

Sure. After we visit the Valley of the Capitulated we can have our hype cycle 2.0.

As you can see by my arbitrary placement of the Fib's both circular and linear. It paints a picture that brings us to a final target of $953.00 per BTC .

Now before you dismiss me and say "I am just another delusional Bear". Think about it for a moment. Why the hell would the controllers that be, pass up the opportunity to:

A: Pass up the liquidity and initiation of despair.

B: Pass up the Buy of a lifetime.

C: Spend over a year controlling the market to get to this point, and not visit under 2000.

D: Waste a golden opportunity to visit the Valley of the Capitulated. (It is nice this time of the year).

E: Pass up the opportunity to have mainstream news declare "bitcoin is dead". (They already have the stories ready to go for April and May).

So when you hear the mainstream news declare BTC and crypto to be "dead". That is when you go ALL IN. 100x.

Is there a very good chance I am wrong. Absolfuckinlutely.

But what if... Ask yourself...

What if... he is not wrong.

We are about to find out. Stay tuned for updates.

Comment: A nicer view of the land.

Comment: Timeframe of target 953 is by End of Early May

Timeframe of next bull-run guesstimation: June.

This is why we are seeing small movements across the ALT market. We are preparing for the last dive, then immediate blast that will guide the movement for the rest of 2019.

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