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  EOS Analysis 3/28/19 | Bears trying to regain control


EOS continues to fight an impending retracement. Because we keep consolidating at this range after an impulse move, this can almost be classified as a bull flag or a potential bull pennant if you look on lower timeframes. I personally like to swing trade, so I’m basing movements off the 4HR charts but lower timeframes like the 15m –which is significant in crypto—tell a different story. Be that as it may, my position remains, but I may close out earlier than $4.05. I am now looking to take profit at $4.20 and then take more profit at $4.10 with the likelihood of re-longing at $4.00. There is still a possibility we move up from here and if that’s the case, I am just going to short at $4.80 even though that may take some time.

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