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  Brain Storm With Me & Wyckoff Method... MUST WATCH...

I did make a couple of errors. First error was in my discussion of 2012 Accumulation Schematic. I called support, "resistance" but then corrected that about 2 minutes later. The second error was when I said, "Backup/Last Point of Support" MULTIPLE times after Sign of Strength in 2012. The small ones going up were simply "Last Point of Support" ( LPS ); NOT "Back Up/Last Point of Support" (BU/LPS). The BU/LPS was the BIG ONE in 2012 when we had a LARGE drop before finding a new trading range in early 2013.
Comment: In order for us to go up to $4,400 or higher, the Green Line in the 2-Day TF would have to go as high as 125% in my opinion. As I mentioned in the video, the Green Line in the 2-Day TF is already well in advance of the Yellow ENERGY in Godmode. I expect the Green Line to reach exhaustion well before the Yellow ENERGY indicator. I'm expecting the Green Line to reach exhaustion in the 2-Day TF around April 5th to April 7th. If we do not reach $4,400 by April 5th to April 7th, we can almost certainly expect a downward trend to at least $3,600, if not lower, before we give a bull trend another go again. Not expecting another bull trend to begin until late May to early June. We would need at least two more weeks of upward pressure to make it to $4,400 or higher in my opinion. The only other way is if a Market Maker comes in out of the blue and pumps us considerably high all of a sudden. It's too early for that in my opinion. It would be a wasted pump on their part. I'm expecting a big build up to begin a couple of months before the Litecoin block halving.

Here's how I'm expecting the indicators to play out. At least somewhat close to what you see here in the 2-Day:


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