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When you look at the whole picture, bitcoin seemingly has Demand being > Supply in the 3k range.

Granted we only have two periods now to look at but the ranges are aligned in terms of where there are clear areas of support and resistance .. aswell as those where price simple carves through.

A Bitcoin higher high above $4250 would imply a void in volume through price and a fast move to 5k.. this is looking just historically, not even considering the most recent breakdown from 6k and subsequent consol.

This is just an idea of course. But i am paying personal interest to $4250+

Good luck. Check my bio for twitter handle.

Comment: oh, like the chart if its useful.. cheers!
Comment: ill just point out that the OBV is incomplete. It needs two more days of volume. which means it will be a higher high than it currently is unless we finish on a red candle.

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