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  ETHUSD 3Day 20 and 50 MA Cross = Major Bullish Signal

It is all in the chart and title. The moving averages have twice before proven to be very powerful signals leading to absolute tears to the upside, with one occurrence leading to a 20x gain in a year and the second a 36x gain in a year. The occurrence in blue shows an occasion when the price was compressed between the 3D 20 and 50 MA but they did not touch.

I don’t know of an exchange with a longer history but the history we do have doesn’t give us any idea how this will act at the 100 or 200 3d MA, as both crosses occurred before the 3d 100 and 200 existed or occurred when the price action was already above them. There are obvious retracements/consolidation patterns and you can still reck yourself but for ETHUSD , a premier alt, the signal is about as green as green can get.

Bitcoin is close to a similar cross but ETHUSD still as the inside edge. As ETHUSD usually is more volatile than BTCUSD I expect the gains on ETHUSD to outstrip BTCUSD , especially in the short term. If you go back into the BLX chart you will see the 100 and 200 3D SMAs have provided problems and the 20-50 signal is much clearer on ETHUSD>

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