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  Is ETHUSD in a BTCUSD 14' fractal?

As time moves and the crypto majors move mostly sideways with alts popping off in what seems to be a mini "#altseason" one has to start wondering, "When is the majors turn?"

It is quite difficult not to be bullish at this moment in time with the constant positive FA that keeps arising and bullish market structure that BTC and ETH has built.


To me

sentiment is too hot... i think it needs to be cooled down before an ultimate take off

So i was going through the charts in looks for something else to aid previous bearish findings and i stumbled upon this.... what seems to be a pretty similar PA structure in ETHUSD 2019 and BTCUSD 2015

With the internal market structure not really alluding me to abandon my bearish ship It is hard for me not to want to swing against the crowd here.

good luck traders

may the odds forever be in your favor

- SatoshiHeavy
market analyst for

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