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  Poll: BITCOIN Cup and Handle or Ascending Triangle

BITCOIN ( BTCUSD , XBTUSD ) has just broke out the resistance of March 20.
It is stronger than expectation, since it broke up without much retrace.
Now in 4H, Bull looks pretty powerful
  • Price is very close to the end of the structure.
  • Green (Bull Context) is taking most of the ribbons of "9 Seasons Rainbow Multiple Time Frames Pattern Indicator".
  • For the past two weeks, Bull was moving up, slowly but steady, step by step.
  • RSI > 70

Poll 1
Is it more like a Cup Handle or an Ascending Triangle? What is your opinion? Leave your comments.

Poll 2:
Do you think a big breakout or a fading to downside will happen for the coming two weeks? Leave you comments.

If you like this charting, please like it. I appreciate your thumbs up.
If you don't like it , leave your comment as well, so let people see how you analysis.

Anyone who comments, will be granted a week free trial of -"9 Seasons Rainbow Multiple Time Frames Pattern STANDARD Indicator".

This is only a personal opinion and does NOT serve as investing NOR trading advice.
Please make their own decisions, carefully assess risks and be responsible for your own investing and trading activities.

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