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  Mirror image repeated pattern ETHUSD SHORTING SIGNAL/TARGET

Hello my Crypto friends! Look what i have discovered today... YES a repeated pattern

nearly identical to what we saw almost a month ago. I highlighted the uptrend in BLUE and

downtrend in RED. The current 61.8 fib support level is at 138 which is a very KEY support level .

If we break through $138 expect bounce of trend line as $138 support would turn into resistance.

Once trend broken look to see support found at $125 which will be a great place to close your SHORT as

i have provided you with a trade signal in the chart that i have already shared with my VIP members!

Best of luck to everyone following this chart!!!

Thanks, LiquidMEX

DISCLAIMER:!!!This is not to be considered financial advice is my personal opinion, always do your own research before entering or exiting trades as i will not be held liable for any of your trades!!!

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