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  Bitcoin: the bear market is over get used to it

It is now confirmed, the bear market resistance line was broken, as well as the 150 daily MA.
Crypto investors that had the guts to hold through the turbulent times now can relax, the worse is behind them.
Congratulations on surviving this intense bear market, we tried to make you sell but you never let go.

As Bitcoin was making its bull break crypto bulls on reddit /biz tradingview and twitter were exhilarated.
The crowd cheered "This is it!" "The correction is over" "Bears must be crying now" "I would be so nervous if I was a bear".
Can't blame them, it is natural to be overly joyful when you feel relieved after a long period of pain/stress.

Bears got decimated, Bitcoin went above resistance in an impressive 3%/125$ move. Wow! What a victory for the bulls. But it does not stop here.

It not only broke resistance, it convincingly went above with high volume from exchanges that are definetly not wash trading or manipulating the markets, such as FCOIN that had a volume of 5 billion dollars that day the price went up.

If we look at exchanges that we were used to, their volumes are all dried up but this is because they have not yet adapted and are getting replaced by revolutionary decentralized trans-fee exchanges such as Coinbene FCoin and many others.

Take the example of Coinbase:

Yes we can see Coinbase volumes drying up clearly, the revolution of decentralized exchanges is happening!

Let's look at Bitstamp:

Dirty centralized easy to trace people that answer to government agencies that have the goal to protect the people and stop criminals.

This bull break reminds me of something... let me think...

(The numbers on cmc are 6%/6%)
Nah this is different, this time it's different.

If it is like last time... we also went to the log one, it's at ~4800 now.

Anything can happen with decentralized exchanges stopping evil regulators from preventing Bitcoin to go up.

Let's take a look at 2014.

Now look at 2019 again

If we go to that line now, that would be super lame. I would want to short but if we go there fast I'd have to use my regular broker for that due to these wonderful highly intelligent rules from the ESMA that prevented me from keeping money on my second Bitmex account (I need as much capital as I have with my brokers).
What a good job they did, that really reduces my risk.
Max leverage of 2 means you have to use alot of capital that you cannot use for something else too.

That line actually got tested 6 times and the price rejected it every time, so it's super relevant/strong.

What could happen is this, which means bears on Bitmex would lose all of their money throught funding even thought being right, so once again, thanks ESMA. They give me so much cancer.

Does Kraken have guarenteed stops? I would use them if I was sure my risk is not infinite .

Looking at monthly charts:

That's it I had it with these lines. Ok that's enough lines for today it's giving me a headache.

One last word to end this:

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