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  ETH showing solid Growth, opening LONG.

ETH:USD has shown solid growth and fundamentals, as a TOP 5 coin, it is extremely correlated to BTC:USD price and will react extremely fast to any movement by BTC .

Right now ETH:USD has shown very solid growth since March 3, as BTC:USD has also shown to be quite solid after breaking through the 4000 resistance and forming support around the same price.

ETH:USD should be expected to continue rallying.

The MA Cross formed on March 16, would seem to indicate that.
There is plenty of room to continue going up, so I'm opening a Long at 141.86 with a stop loss at 137.80 and a target of 158.

The stop loss is just below the body of the candle of March 29 and the target just above the candle of February 24.
The risk-reward ratio is a healthy 4.73

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