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  BTC Bulls Continue to Hold EMA 12 4 hour Support

BTC bulls keep up the slow grind and control after a bear attempt last night was met with bullish buying.
We saw 5 minutes of bear breaks met with 30+ minutes of buying at the ask to push the price to the highest levels in a couple days.
This is not the first time buying of the dip has saved EMA12 support on the 4 hour in the last few days.
Everyone is still watching weekly resistance $4,239 as we continue to get closer.
Volume will be key in determining the kind of follow through to be expected if we do break.
Some are not comfortable with a bull entry on this resistance break for BTC .
I must admit the last few months have me in the same place, but I do have my "Anti-FOMO" LTC positions which were entered in the last couple days. This is a smaller position but intended to give some of the action if the bulls are able to pull it off.
If not, a loss of the daily uptrend will be a small loss to be back to all cash patiently waiting.
Bears are going to be potentially top fishing this weekly resistance, and entering short in the upper $4,100s.

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