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  Moving Averages Show Wyckoff Spring May "Begin" in May, 2019

When I say the Wyckoff Spring may "BEGIN" in May, 2019, that's where the BOTTOM of a drop from the simple rally IS FOUND and we begin going up from there. However, we anticipate one Test of Support shortly after that first initial bottom of the Simple Rally to act as a final shakeout before "Lift-Off" begins. I may provide one more video with focus on present day and where we may anticipate the price action to go before we can anticipate a drop to test support and find bottom of that support in the month of May, 2019.
Comment: In case you're wondering what a Wyckoff Spring is, you may want to watch the following videos:

Brain Storm With Me & Wyckoff Method... MUST WATCH...

Bitcoin History Using Wyckoff Method Pointing Out Possible...

BTCUSD - Excellent Explanation of Wycoff Accumulation Schematic.

Word Clarification: Bottom = "BASE" for Purpose of Accumulation.

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