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  Everyone is Comparing 2015 Fractal Incorrectly...

Some of you listened when I called the crypto crash and BTC Drop from 6k down to 3k. Then I called the Stock Market Bounce 24 hours before it exploded up. I also called the exact bottom of BTC the day before (all related charts linked below for proof.)

How did I do it? Combining the right factors of historical analysis, with current trends, including fundamentals and technicals. I believe to be an excellent trader - to use an artist analogy - you must understand all the tools and all the colors... so even if you paint a simple picture, you paint it well with no limitation or bias.

  • When this drops, easy to blame latest hacks, SEC, justinsun, and whatever else
  • stocks are busting through the ceiling again (blame institutions leaving)
  • there is no real bullish indications -- only hope to this current move (bulltrap?) (reminiscent of Nov 2017)

  • Current pop up above 20 EMA , squeezing between the 40 (blue circle)
  • Double Bottom with Triple Top
  • EMA 150 & 200 dropping while converging (orange circle)
  • Volume on decline since the crash
  • MACD floating higher than before the crash
  • RSI over-bought is higher than RSI from before the crash
  • preparing for a beautiful cup-and-handle formation takes time

Don't paint me as a permabear. I remain unbiased and I called the latest Stock Market pump perfectly (look at the comments on that chart if you want to have a good laugh) I am long-term bullish and I know we are going up, but the timing must be right. Good luck!

- you're welcome

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