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  April 3, 2019 COULD be the Date to Begin Consolidation

TV platform has scrunched up the chart. Look at chart posted below for better view.

Nearing crunch time... I don't want to get stuck on the 5th to 7th day of the month. Just because we've seen consolidation events BEGIN on dates between the 5th and 7th day of the month does not necessarily mean it will happen again present day. Don't get caught unaware. Be sure to have your stop loss or stop limit in place. We COULD begin consolidation on April 2, 2019 but it looks more like April 3rd at the moment. Could be bounce up one more time after a dip on April 3rd and begin Consolidation some time between April 5th and 7th? Sure, it's possible but goodness, we are getting very close to exhaustion. $4,181.98 is the next stop if we are to continue up.

Comment: Look at where I've drawn a Red Line to depict the POSSIBLE future trek of the Red RSI inside Godmode indicator in the 12h (far left), 18h (center) and 24h (far right).

Comment: Last update then I'm going to relax a while... Could we potentially get another bounce back up to higher highs after the anticipated drop late in the night on April 2nd to some time during the day on April 3rd? Sure, it's possible. Simply want you to be aware EXHAUSTION is drawing near.

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