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  Bitcoin May Achieve $4,700 in 20 Days. Buy Now & Get +119% ROI

On a daily timeframe for BTC/USD, technical analysis tools generate an uptrend signal with the forecast horizon of 2 weeks.
Technical indicators and chart patterns indicate an accelerating trend upwards and there are no signals of a possible trend reversal currently.

Here is your TRADE SIGNAL:
- Buy Bitcoin at $4,200
- Stop-Loss at $3,900
- Take-Profit at $4,700
- Forecasted P&L: +$500 or +119% per 1 Lot with 10x Leverage
- Risk/Reward Ratio: 1.7x

Stop-loss for a long position should be placed at $3,900. This price level is currently considered to be a significant support. If market price breaks down through $3,900, we expect the medium-term trend to reverse downwards and the price to continue declining.

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