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  If BTC closes today above MA200, bullmarket has started

Well, I might have been wrong after all. But then again I was always stating that there is a 20% chance that BTC surprises us, and does something crazy, like this pump here.

Now, what to make of the pump?

It entirely depends where the daily will close today. If above MA200/log resistance, at around 4600, then the chances are really good that we start the next bullmarket. Earlier than I expected. In this case, I will have to revisit
my longterm projections, since this might have some implications on the timeline and the height of the next peak. Could be sooner now, as early as 2021, but then probably not much above 100k as ATH target.

However, if we have a situation like on 15th of October 2018, you remember, the 1000USD pump from, 6500 to 7500. And then only a few weeks later the massive dump from 6500 to 3100.

Well, if we close today at 4500 or below, the chances for this candle being an epic bulltrap, are greatly increased.
In this case, the bearish target at 1800-2300USD remains intact and all longterm projections as well.

Let's see what will happen today, and I will update the longterm projections afterwards if necessary.

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