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  $5,080 Likely Top. We Have Our Sign of Strength...

...on What is Obviously a Double Bottom Accumulation Schematic. After a Sign of Strength, we SHOULD come back down to Preliminary Support that is no longer "preliminary" but actual "support." Which is to say, "Resistance has become support." I'll follow up with an update to this publication to post a chart with a depiction of what I'm talking about.

Very sorry I missed this. Normally, with a double bottom , the center between the two bottoms will come up higher than preliminary support. They fooled me on this one. Also note something else, THEY WAITED UNTIL THE INDICATORS IN MOST EVERY TIME FRAME HAD THE RED RSI AND BLUE LSMA IN GODMODE AT OR ABOVE 80% TO CATCH EVERYONE BY SURPRISE. I will certainly not forget the Stochastic RSI shaped like a cup and handle . I hope everyone else remembers this one as well.
Comment: The Double Bottom in the lower left corner with Phases A,B,C,D & E. However, do NOT assume the price action must play out exactly as depicted in that drawing. I'll follow up again with TWO (2) possible scenarios.
Comment: A video will be made on these two (2) possible scenarios later. FIRST, I want to wait until it's quite obvious our upward pressure has concluded and we're on our way back down to test support or have a "Back Up/Last Point of Support."

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