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  #BTC Firestorm (Battle Royale)!!

#BTC Breakout!!

Hello Brother....!

in previous updates, we talked about critical levels for btc and mentioned how these levels are important to complete the recovery Or rebound and follow the overall bearish trend!!
Also, we mentioned how this bullish signs on monthly weekly frames depend on these levels to confirm their bullish signs!! you can take a look from here...

Our predict and view were bearish and negative for btc as long as they move below these levels, in last night btc got closing above first level$4100, today btc get a big bullish candle hit $5050 first time since 18 Nov 2018, Wow that`s pretty cool Yeah to the moon then!!

In fact, It is too early to say that!!
first, before starting with the new update, you need to know, our bearish predict and negative view for btc in the short term is failed, due to as you saw btc breakout $4450 and our view were negative as long as btc move below this levels!!

Time to new updates:
Sorry for this long introduction but a brief overview of the previous updates!!
BTC Breakout Ascending triangle $4450 ( SAM 150) weekly follow tweezer bottom on monthly but no close weekly yet to confirm this breakout!!

Why closing weekly is important!!
To avoid the bull trap and long wick we need to get this weekly closing above ( SMA 150) bullish candle, also to confirm next movement we need this close!!

Futuristic updates!!
if we get this confirm and btc close weekly above $4450, then Btc has two scenarios to following them!!

first, one will be lovely and save out time on market

The second scenario will be good and more profitable, But it will take a long time so people will get bored with it!

Which scenario we prefer more?!
Our vote will be for the second scenario
the second scenario will take time, yeah, but more profitable operations, and a big chance for holder people to fix their old positions with a good reward if market recovery to half, the capital they have will recovery to 0% loss maybe profit also!! so we like the second scenario more than second.

Selling&buying stage:
In current case best choice to trade with usdt pairs, not alts, always when btc pumping the alts shaking!! So trade with coins like
LTC we have from $27.5
DSH we have from $72
NEO we have from $6.6&7.75
ADA we have from $0.038
ETH we from $108 & $138
and many coins there VS usdt like XRP XLM TRX XMR ZEC etc

really in previous weeks, we don`t care a lot about usdt pairs due to we traded with alts
Feb and Mar Signals gained 5681% Yeah All Thanks to Allah 5681%

you can check Our statement from here
(Click Coin name to see Proofs)

About Btc from where you can buy?!
$4150 /$4250 is good with Stop_loss at $3950
Max invest: 10% 15%

Our prediction for the next movement in BTC:
Max level $5750 $6200 then dips again

The expectation does not mean imposing what you want on a fait accompli
It's just a conclusion from the current movement of what will happen in the future
But does not necessarily mean the success of that conclusion
anyway..., the reality and what happens, is the movement on which we sell and buy based on it, not the expectation. so if our expectation succeeds, we trade depending on movement, if it fails, we follow and trade with movement also, so we trade and care about movement more than expectation!!

Like now even if our view was negative we trade with btc and have these signals
Current Active Signals: every signal have 3 main targets
Now we split sec hold targets for max profit, and use this profit to add more positions,

$3150/3250 gained +24
Next Targets
$Hold Split it at
Sl At entry

$3322 Hit targets at $3650 +10%
Next Targets
$Hold Split it at
Sl At entry

$3845 Achieved
Split it at

Stop-loss: at entry

$4100 Achieved
$4073 Market sell
$Hold Split it at

$3919 We were content with watching, although we mentioned that the risk ratio was 1.5% no more than that then BTC Hit $5050!!
$4090 Hit Sl at $4085 Reach $4051 then $5050 Today
so even we set expect we track movement and trade with it

Questions&Answers Stage??
What level does Bitcoin need to pass to say BTC is recovery!!
The answer:
Closing above $7500 Weekly

Which level Btc need to pass to start talking about new ATH?!
The answer:
Close above $10.000/$12.000 Monthly with Bullish Candle if we get that you can start thinking about the moon!! you know now why we say in the begging it`s early to speak about the moon!!...

Good luck to all.
The Wild Cryptoâ„¢,
We ask Allah reconcile and repay

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