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  ETH keeps on ascending into this triangle

Folks, you can see the triangle and higher lows I was identifying as early as the last 2 months are holding up really nicely. We continue to create higher lows and continue to form up this ascending triangle . We have knocked on this 160 area once before and we are already doing so again. From this point on, expect it either to blow through this area with a major move to the upside, or for a small pull back, some consolidation and then the major move to just above 200. Not only is the chart pattern looking nice, its also complemented by a strong RSI and MACD is positive territory, this is all showing up on the daily chart . We are moving up, and will continue to do so. Get ready, we could be in for some really nice gains for 2019.

Comment: February analysis identifying his formation as an FYI -
Comment: *this formation

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