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I'm not the kind of person that gets in the way of a good rally or a good fall. I'm more of a "Never slap a man while he's chewing tobacco" kind of person. However, this is obscene and I would feel guilty if I don't speak about it. So a guy spreads a 20,000 BTC order on some exchanges and triggers a buy frenzy. Nobody cares about the reasons, everybody jumps in with both feet. This is where I get very cautious. If you buy Ethereum at this point, you will feel very sorry in the weeks ahead. I don't claim to know if Ethereum has bottomed or not neither do I make calls like "ETH/USD is headed to $80 or lower". I'm just analyzing this on face value and I don't like what I see. You've been warned.
Comment: Congratulations to all those shorting Ethereum since $160!

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