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  ETH - History repeats itself

Actually the cycles follow:
1. 21 days
2. 16 days
3. 12 days

From the bottom and beginning to the top and end. (Before it drops off again)

With this logic applied, we should expect price to top out on April 7th.

The prices will range from 0.618 to 0.382 like the other cycles.

0.382 - Resistance
0.5 - Light Support
0.618 - Major Support

I would buy back when it drops mid 0.618: Low: $142
It shouldn't be too hard to buy at $145, which I will probably do.

After this cycle, I expect a breakout on April 24th.
Comment: Forgot to say:
Top is probably $158 like the other cycles. If so:

April 7th - Big drop to $142 from $158
April 8th - Rebound back to $148
April 9th - 13th - $147

These values are in the middle above and below mid (0.5 Fib Retrace)

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