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  Bitcoin In A Pennant, Bears Taking More Profits

It's Still Summer In The USA, Shorts Are Still In Fashion.

Trend In 15 Min Chart: Downwards
Probability of Breaking Downwards: 50%
Expiration Time: 7 Hours (unless this pennant gets extended)
RSI: Downward Directed Trajectory
Stoch RSI: Downward Directed Momentum.

1st Target: $11,213

Warning! Watch for FU moves, extremely large wicks to the downside to take out short positions and instantly wick back up or vice versa, algo bots are set to hunt for stop losses.

Remember to always, always place your trailing stops at the appropriate levels as not to get stopped out at your trades.

>>>>> Always be prepared for either scenario of upwards movement or downwards movement. <<<<<

Happy Trading Everyone.


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Comment: Hope you got your beach SHORTS on coz it's still hot and price is getting discounted for the mean time. Getting my BUY position ready, just waiting for the right moment, the Bullish signals to show their face.
Comment: More downside action.
Bitcoin has now gone into a Falling Wedge.
Click to find out potential targets.

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