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  #Bitcoin Daily chart update! 08/12/19 9:15 pm

Bitcoin had a quiet day spending time in a tight range waiting for a trigger. On daily charts we track the 2 counts quite visible in blue and red , one that says we have the ability to push higher in a 5th wave while the other argues for a deeper correction as part of a larger wave 2 pullback. A convincing break above 12,300 followed by the next hurdle at 13,200 would indicate a trip towards the 16,000 zone. On the other hand, weakness below 11,000 would open the door towards 10,200 to begin with. We continue to be in a no-edge zone and i need to let this market figure itself out.

I have recorded a brand new You Tube video with all the explanations, so please check it out ! search for --- cryptocowboy --- account .

My telegram channel "COWBOY CRYPTO MARKETS" and our crypto room "COWBOY CRYPTO ROOM" discusses more detailed updates and lower time frame charts. If you want to learn more about Elliot wave , it's a good place to get live market info and familiarize yourself with the wave counting process. Just go telegram and search in the search-bar the mentioned names. The traders there have been learning the ropes of this methodology very quickly by being exposed to regular updates and explanations of different wave counts !

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